About (La Informaci├│n)

El Maestro, Irvin Griffith

Consultant, Instructor, Translator

  • Has more than 40 years of experience teaching preschool, elementary, junior high, high school, college, and adult classes
  • Instructs conversational Spanish workshops
  • Teaches classes for the University of Missouri Extension
  • Works with Hispanic missions
  • Holds a Masters in Spanish Education from the University of Mississippi (Ole┬áMiss)
  • Makes learning a new language fun
  • Perceives the need for understanding cultural differences
  • Has resources to teach the Spanish language to individuals and to groups
  • Remains sensitive to the feelings of Spanish and non-Spanish speakers

Comments from Class Participants

This class makes sense to me. I get it! I love the hands-on textbook. Now I know I can learn a foreign language. How exciting!

Where has this program been? We have needed it for years!

Irvin made learning easy and fun. Just what we needed!

I am looking forward to using this in my class. Thank you so much. The workshop provided some great ideas for my class.

I so enjoyed the Spanish class. I took this new teaching position in the area and have been very worried about having no Spanish skills and working with such a large number of Hispanic children. I feel much better going into this new school year after taking this class.