Class (La Clase)

Irvin teachingIntroduction to Conversational Spanish and the Hispanic Culture

Conversational Spanish is for everyone:

  • Community service personnel (fire, police, 911, medical, social workers, postal employees, community leaders, others)
  • Mission teams and churches
  • Vacationers
  • Anyone who wants to learn Spanish

Often we come in contact with Spanish speakers. Some know English; some do not. Have you ever wondered what they are saying? Have you ever wanted to help them solve a problem or ask them to help you with a problem? Well, Introduction to Conversational Spanish and the Hispanic Culture is for you!

The class is a 12 hour seminar. It is geared toward individuals who know little-to-no Spanish and ones who want to refresh their Spanish. It has always been well-received. The participants discover that they can learn the language and walk out speaking it.

Finally, there is a sensible approach to learning Spanish. We customize the class according to the group’s needs or interests.  We wrote the textbook in a user-friendly form. Students constantly comment that the book and the contents make sense.

Get a group of friends (or others) together. Let us know what you need or want to learn. We can vary the program. We will have fun, and you will learn to speak Spanish!

Irvin teachingIntroduction to Conversational Spanish and the Hispanic Culture

This is a twelve-hour workshop for any teacher or staff member who is experiencing a Hispanic population growth in the classroom or community.

  • Participants will learn basic conversational Spanish.
  • Cultural differences will be explained to help teachers understand the students and their families.
  • Do’s and don’ts will be discussed.
  • This workshop will also address parent involvement.
  • A book is required for this workshop. It includes charts, worksheets, and other valuable tools for learning Spanish.

School districts, emergency service organizations, and other groups that have participated in this workshop have been pleased with its results.  After taking the two-day class, participants express confidence in working with their Hispanic students and their parents.  They comment that this is a sensible approach to learning Spanish and that the textbook is a practical, hands-on method they can understand.

We encourage you to offer this to your staff and even to your community leaders as you prepare for better communication and a more productive school year.

Customized Classes

If you are interested in specialized training that isn’t currently offered, please contact us.

We’re happy to customize every class to your needs.

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